Delivery Restrictions

Delivery can be undertaken by 44 tonnes GVW articulated trucks that are between 40 and 60 feet long and equipped with an integrated crane to make deliveries, or by courier using high sided lorries, with integrated tail lifts. Please be aware that clear access is required to and from your delivery point.

Ensure that our driver can manoeuvre in and out and that the route is clear of obstructions and overhead power cables. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to private land or overhead cables when unloading, as the driver will be unloading under your instruction and with your permission.

Delivery Restriction Checklist 

  • Ensure the delivery area is hard, level and safe to take the weight of a pallet truck carrying up to a maximum of 1 tonne in weight.
  • Please note that our driver will not be able to move your Goods far from the vehicle. If your delivery point is on an incline the driver will not be able to push the pallet truck up or down the tail lift whilst on an incline as the pallet could topple.
  • We cannot deliver onto cobbles, gravel or uneven surfaces. Under those circumstances the pallet will be left at the nearest available safe delivery point.
  • Please advise of any constraints which may restrict access to your address for our delivery vehicles using the special instructions field on the order form.